First Half Term Done!

Well as I am sure you will agree the children have worked very hard this half term and deserve a well earned rest!

This week has been jam packed with activities. In Literacy we continued practising segmenting and blending CVC words and we used phoneme frames to help separate each sound in the word.

In Maths we learnt to find the total of two sets of bugs by counting them altogether.

Not only that but we also used non-standard units of measure to see how long our bugs were. We compared them too and used words such as: length, longest, shortest and measuring.

It was a second week of our theme ‘Castles’ and the children looked for answers to their questions in non fiction books and the internet. A child in Rose class asked what the ‘bumps’ on the top of the castle were called and we found out that they were called ‘crenellations’

In Forest School we continued the theme and Miss Plumb set up a camp rather like a castle and the children collected fire wood and water from a pretend well. To keep warm she lit a fire and we had sang songs and told stories and had a drink and biscuit.

We finished off the week in style with our fancy dress day and we would like to congratulate Luca from Cherry Class for winning the prize for best dressed ‘ghost buster’!

We hope you enjoy the rest, have a lovely half term.

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Long, long ago…

This week marks the start of our new theme all about castles. We have spent the week looking at books and finding out about Castles. We read a book called ‘In the Castle’ by Anna Milbourne and Benji Davies which gave us lots of information about what life would have been like in a castle. Later in the week we looked at many examples of castles including Disney castles and real castles. This showed us the different parts and we talked about features such as dungeons and turrets.

In Literacy the children have been playing a phonic game called cross the river. The aim is to blend the sounds in a word before the crocodile gets you. Some of the children also had a go at segmenting the sounds to make a word. In our independent activity we had to listen for the first sound in words and see if we could find the letter to match.

Emily in Rose Class decided to continue exploring initial sounds in Let’s Learn using the magnetic letters.

We have carried on with number and shape in maths this week. We have been trying really hard to accurately count Numicon and find the numeral to match.

Let’s Learn has been all things castles! The role play has even magically turned into a castle with a grand banquet inside. Some of the children have made fantastic servants!!

During Forest School we have been thinking about the cleanliness of our environment. We went along the nature trail and found over 25 pieces of rubbish!! we then sorted the rubbish to make sure we knew what could be recycled in our blue bins, what needed to go to landfill in our black bins, what was garden waste and what we might be able to take to the charity shop. We then went around the rest of the school grounds to clean it up a bit!

You may have noticed that the Outside Classroom has had a mini makeover. The children have absolutely loved the new mud lab and enjoyed using the new equipment.

We look forward to seeing you next week for the Parent’s Evenings. If you can, turn up a few minutes earlier so you can have a look through your child’s books.

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Here We Go Part 2

We hope you had a lovely long weekend!

This week we have continued our theme of ‘Here We Go’, looking at different types of transport. We started the week by finding a mess in the classroom. It turns out Naughty Bus had been up to no good! We then read the book ‘Naughty Bus’ by Jan and Jerry Oke. The children loved the story and saw all of Naughty Bus’ adventures. Then we had to use our imaginations to think about where our Naughty Bus would go, or what it would do. Jensen’s bus went to Africa and saw a giraffe.

In maths, we have continued to look at shapes. But this week, focussing on exploring 3D shapes. The children have learnt that 3D shapes have faces and have been finding out the shapes of these faces by pressing them into playdoh.

During ‘Let’s Learn’ we have been making road signs and thinking about what they might mean and drawing maps. Jasmine’s map took you to Italy, Spain, England and many more countries too!

We absolutely loved Forest School this week. We went down to the garden and tended to the flower beds but also did a bug hunt! We found, worms, woodlice, an earwig, a millipede, a centipede, spiders and ants!

Parent’s evening is going to be taking place on 17th and 19th October. The sign up sheets will go out Monday evening.

We hope you have a fun-filled weekend!

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Here We Go!

We have LOVED starting our new theme this week and who knew a bus trip to Poole Quay could be so exciting?! We counted that we saw more than 22 variations of transport. A big thank you to Mr Frampton from ‘more’ buses for giving up his time and driving the bus! The children talked about the route they were taking and recognised familiar places. Lillie-Rose saw her old nursery, Tiarna saw a car wash and quite a few of the children saw where they live.

To carry on our theme, we have been finding 1 more than numbers using bears on a bus. The children had to roll the dice and put that many bears on their bus before finding 1 more and counting them carefully to find the answer.

In Literacy we have been trying to hear the initial sounds in words and then finding the letter to match. E.g. ‘b’ for ‘bus’.

In Forest School we were busy in the garden hunting for bugs and tending to the flower beds.

The children are progressing well with their reading, please remember to record in their Monkey Journals when they have read so that we can change the books as often as needed. When your children know the first 9 sight words on their key chain they will bring home a book with words. Thank you for your continued support.

The PowerPoints from the ‘Parent Refresher Meeting’ and the ‘Parent Phonic Workshop’ will be going on the ‘Year R’ page of the school website next week.

We look forward to seeing you next Tuesday after school for ‘View Your Child’s Work’ in the classrooms. This is an opportunity to see all of your child’s learning.

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Ready, Steady School Part 2!

I wonder if you will agree with us that the weeks seem to be flying by? So week 3 saw the children getting stuck into lots of learning and some new experiences such as Forest School and P.E with big apparatus!

In literacy the children talked about their families and we discussed how they can be very different from one another but all very important to us. The children than drew pictures of their families and wrote labels and captions to match.

In numeracy we read a story called ‘Mouse Shapes’ by Ellen Stoll Walsh and then used 2D shapes to make our own shape mice. The children named the shapes and learnt how to describe their properties with words like: corners, straight and curved sides.

We visited the nature trail during Forest School and used our senses to explore the natural environment. Rosie found an acorn and told us it came from an Oak tree. Olly was interested in the spiky sweet chestnut and Max learnt that female blackbirds are actually brown!

Next Tuesday Early Years are going on a special journey. Hopefully you will have seen the letter on the board and a hard copy will come to you on Monday. Please let us know if you can help with your child’s class.
Poppy 11.15pm-12pm
Rose 12pm – 12.45pm
Cherry 12.45pm – 1.30pm

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Ready, Steady, School!

The children have completed their first full week of school, and what a week it has been!

The children are settling in well and are already following their routines. Thank you for your continued support with this, especially supporting your child with coming into school independently.

In phonics this week we have learnt the sounds ‘s’, ‘a’, ‘t’, ‘p’, ‘i’, ‘n’. In book bags there will be some letter formation sheets for you to practise at home. We are sure the children will be driving you crazy with the Jolly Phonic songs already!

In maths we have been learning to count carefully and say the number names correctly. Don’t forget to use the number flash cards at home.

Our afternoons are child initiated, where the children choose their own learning. They have been exploring the different areas of the classroom and environment, learning about the rules of the Planning Board!

Today, we got changed for PE. We tried really hard to get dressed all by ourselves so if we came home with our uniform inside out and back to front that means we were independent! During PE we learnt to use the space safely and travel in different ways across the mats! We were spiders, snakes and rabbits!

You will have received your child’s first piece of homework on Thursday. We look forward to seeing them on Monday!

Thank you again for all of your support over the past two weeks.

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Beach – tastic!

Another hot and sticky week! Last week, as you know, we went to the beach. After a soggy start, we soon started to enjoy ourselves. We found loads of interesting things which the children have been washing and sorting this week. It has made the outside classroom very smelly!!

If the weather continues to be so hot can you please ensure that your child brings in a named water bottle. We do refill them over the course of the day to ensure they stay hydrated. Thank you.

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What a Scorcher!

Well this week we have certainly felt the heat but made the most of the good weather.

In literacy we have been exploring our new theme of ‘Under the Sea’ and we read the story of ‘Billy’s Bucket’. We have researched lots of different sea creatures and imagined we had our own bucket full of them. We then used describing words to make our writing come to life. Jacob wrote about a ‘friendly dolphin’ and Cairo described her seahorse as tiny.

In maths we learnt about capacity. We used vocabulary such as: empty, full half full, nearly full and nearly empty and ordered different containers by how much they held.


We also learnt how to estimate a group of shells . We know that estimating is about making a good guess before checking how many there actually are.

This week in forest school we practised our den building and knot tying. Some of us were very good at knots and made very secure dens whilst others had a go at lashing pieces of wood together.

Next week is our beach trip – Wednesday 28th June. Thank you to all parents and family members who volunteered to help, we have enough helpers now. Please ensure your child comes to school in appropriate clothing and foot wear for the weather and sun cream has already been applied. They will also need a named rucksack with a named bottle of drink, a hat, named sun cream and a pack lunch (if you are providing it). If you have signed up for a lunch from school that will be given to your child on the day. Your child is also welcome to bring a named bucket and spade but it will be their responsibility to carry.

It is a wonderful trip and we are all looking forward to it immensely.

Please remember it is Rose class assembly on Thursday at 9am and all of the parents of those children are welcome to attend. As if the week can’t get any more exciting it is also Fun day after school on Thursday. Look out for the Early Years stall as the children will have made cakes in school to sell.

Don’t forget to keep reading and practising those key words with your child as this really helps.

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Bog Baby

What a sunny, action packed week we have had in Early Years!

This week in literacy we read the story of ‘The Bog Baby’ by Jeanne Willis and Gwen Millward. It told the story of two girls who befriended a strange creature from a pond which they called the Bog Baby. We imagined what it would be like to have our own bog baby and answered questions about what we would feed it and what it would look like. Tyler said he would feed it chicken nuggets and Jayke said it had 52 toes.

In maths we explored the pond theme further by catching numbered rubber ducks in a net and adding up the values. Some of us wrote number sentences to match and we practised counting on in our heads and on a number line.

During Forest School this week we used our senses. We picked grass, mud and some leaves mashed them up in a ‘smelly pot’ and smelt it. Louis thought the mashed grass spelt like fresh beans. We made bark rubbings and describe the texture, listened to the wind and birds and used our sight to observe the environment.

Whilst on Thursday it was all about the sport! As you no doubt saw we triumphed at tennis, conquered the assault course and scored at the football.

Thank you to the parents and carers who were able to come and support us. Your cheering really helped the afternoon go well.

Not long now to our beach trip so if you have not sent in your consent form and voluntary contribution please do so soon.

Thank you.

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Big Dippers!

One week into the last term and we have been super busy! First off we have been thinking about our pond and exploring the creatures that live in and around it.

In literacy we wrote clues to different pond life creatures which we took it in turn to guess what they were.

Can you guess what Lily chose from her clues:

1. It can walk on water.
2. It is little.
3. They don’t drown.

Answer at the bottom of the blog.

For Forest School this week we spent the afternoon pond dipping and found the pond teeming with life. We found newts, water boatman, frogs, frog lets, pond shaker and a water beetle.

In maths we have been finding 1 more and 1 less with numbers up to 20.

We have been hard at work practising for Sports day and we even had time for a spot of tennis with the West Hants Tennis coaches who came in to work with us.

Don’t forget to check which colour T-shirt your child needs to wear for Sports day on Thursday: David is yellow, Andrew is blue and George is white.

Answer: Pond skater

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