Merry Christmas!

Thank you once again for all the kind gifts, cards and festive wishes.

The children have had a fantastic first term and we look forward to seeing them in the New Year.

Thank you for all your support over the Autumn term.

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Whoops – a – Daisy Angel!

I think you’ll agree that the children did a fantastic job in the nativity this week! We were so proud of them, especially as there were lots of poorly children. They adapted really well and loved seeing you all there to support them! Thank you for coming and once again for your contributions towards costumes.

Between the Christmas and Nativity mayhem we have been doing Literacy and Maths too!

In Literacy we have been writing a wish list to Santa of all of the things we would like him to bring us on Christmas day. Hope would like a horse, Quinn would like a hover board and Ava S would like a sticker chart!

In maths we have been making wrapping paper by using shapes to make patterns. Some children made a pattern with two shapes and some children made a pattern with three shapes!

In Let’s Learn we transformed some of the children into snowmen.

Thank you for all jar contributions! You will be able to come in and see what we’ve been up to with them next Thursday (14th) at 2.45pm.

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It’s Stickman!

This week we braved the cold weather and were rewarded by a visit from Stickman. We found him outside and so decided to read this story.

In Literacy we learnt how to write sentences and found out that they need capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. We then used pictures from the story to write simple sentences about his adventures.

In Maths we have been ordering door numbers and practising careful counting. We need to say one number for each item, count slowly and stop when you get to the end.

During Forest school the children practised building dens and explored the nature trail looking for animals which might need a home for winter.

We had a dress rehearsal for our nativity this morning and the children looked fab in their costumes. Thank you to those who provided costumes for their children.

Make sure you get your tickets from the school office if you have not already done so. We look forward to seeing you there.

We have requested jam jars, if you have any spare at home please could you bring them in.

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Our action packed week!

This week has been a hectic but fun-filled one. The timetable has been packed full of new and exciting activities, including the Aladdin pantomime and an anti-bullying performance.

In Literacy we have continued to practise our rhyming by playing a game called Silly Soup. The song goes like this: I’m making lots of silly soup, I’m making soup that’s silly, I’m going to cook it in the fridge, to make it nice and chilly!

In maths we introduced Mr Snatcher who likes to take things away.

In the afternoons this week we have been focusing on Anti-bullying, Forest School and Computing.

Miss Lynam took the children for a friendship session to follow on from the anti-bullying performance. In the session the children learnt how saying mean things is similar to when you squeeze a tube of toothpaste and it’s hard to take it back/ put it back in.

The children thought about their own friends and showed kindness by either making a card for them or a friendship bracelet.

Miss Summers took the children for a Computing session. The children had a range of activities to complete. They learnt how to program a beebot, record a message on the recordable clipboards, use a digiscope to look at different things close up and complete activities on the LearnPads.

Miss Plumb took the children for Forest School and they made dens and animal homes. The children worked in teams to make their shelters under the trees and we tested them to see if they were waterproof by pouring water over the top.

Don’t forget your nativity costumes if you have been asked for one. They need to be in by MONDAY 27th November. Also, if your child has words to learn for the nativity then please make sure they know them!

This week’s homework is really lovely and we can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!

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What a busy week we have had! We started the week by walking up to Co-op to buy the vegetables we needed for Percy’s vegetable soup. We used our shopping list to look for all the ingredients we needed.

When we got back to school we got busy chopping the vegetables ready for the soup.

In maths we weighed the vegetables to see which were heaviest, which were lightest and used the balance scales to compare their weights.

We had a great time during Forest School this week! We learnt about the different types of homes that animals make for themselves and we made hedgehog homes and squirrel homes known as ‘dreys’ on the nature trail. We have left our hedgehog home on the nature trail in the hope that a hedgehog will move in soon!

Today we have raised money for Children In Need. Evi in Rose class raised £10 from family and friends and designed a t-shirt to help raise the money.

Thank you for coming to taste our soup today. The children enjoyed tasting their soup creation and showing you all the nature trail!

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5..4..3..2..1 BLAST OFF!!

Continuing our Autumn theme, this week we have been thinking about what we would need in order to make some soup to warm Percy up! We decided that before we could go shopping for vegetables, we needed to write a list. We talked about different types of vegetables that we would like to put in and then the features of a list to be able to write one. Luca was very adventurous and wanted to put aubergine in his soup!

Our maths job was very similar to last week’s but this time we were using the playdoh to find 1 less by squishing one of the spots.

In Let’s Learn we have had a firework theme! The children loved creating firework pictures on the computers and also used chalk and glitter! We talked about firework safety and made safety posters. And in the counting corner we made rockets BLAST OFF by writing the numbers on the flame 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1!

Don’t forget that we will be going to get the vegetables for our soup on Monday. Thank you to those parents who have offered to help.

Poppy class will be leaving as close to 9am as possible.
Cherry class will be leaving at 10.30am.
Rose class will be leaving as close to 1pm as possible.

On Friday we would like to invite you to come and taste the soup with your child up on the nature trail. If you can come we would love to see you. Come to your child’s class at 2.15pm and we will all walk up together. Come dressed appropriately, the nature trail can be a bit muddy!!

We hope you have a great weekend!

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Percy’s Autumn Adventures

Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely half term. The children came back on Monday telling us all sorts of things that they had been up to!

We started the week by reading ‘Percy the Park Keeper – After the Storm’ by Nick Butterworth. In the story there was a big storm and Percy’s animal friends lost their home in a tree so Percy has to find them somewhere new to live.

Following on from the story, the children had a picture of Percy’s potting shed in their literacy book. Inside was a hat, a fox, some pots, a lawn mower, a spade and a watering can. The children then had a go at writing what they could see, segmenting the sounds in the words and using a sound mat to help.

In maths, the children have been focusing on finding 1 more than a number using playdoh and Numicon. They had to push the Numicon into the playdoh and then use the orange 1 to add one more. They then counted how many they had to find the answer.

It was fun comparing autumn leaves and sticks outside and the children put them in size order using language such as bigger, biggest, medium, middle, small, smallest etc. In Rose class some of the children chose to put themselves in height order.

The role play in the classrooms has been changed into Percy’s potting shed and the children have been very important, writing lists of jobs to do, plating seeds, researching in gardening magazines and sitting down at the end of the day with a hot chocolate and some warm soup.

The children loved Forest School this week. We went looking for signs of Autumn a found a squirrel drey! And a robin even came and explored with us. The children had a go at threading leaves, looking at autumn books and leaf rubbing.

In PE this week the children have been practising forward rolls. They had to remember to tuck their head in and push with their arms. It was great fun!

We hope you have a lovely weekend. Stay safe at any firework events you may be going to! See you next week.

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First Half Term Done!

Well as I am sure you will agree the children have worked very hard this half term and deserve a well earned rest!

This week has been jam packed with activities. In Literacy we continued practising segmenting and blending CVC words and we used phoneme frames to help separate each sound in the word.

In Maths we learnt to find the total of two sets of bugs by counting them altogether.

Not only that but we also used non-standard units of measure to see how long our bugs were. We compared them too and used words such as: length, longest, shortest and measuring.

It was a second week of our theme ‘Castles’ and the children looked for answers to their questions in non fiction books and the internet. A child in Rose class asked what the ‘bumps’ on the top of the castle were called and we found out that they were called ‘crenellations’

In Forest School we continued the theme and Miss Plumb set up a camp rather like a castle and the children collected fire wood and water from a pretend well. To keep warm she lit a fire and we had sang songs and told stories and had a drink and biscuit.

We finished off the week in style with our fancy dress day and we would like to congratulate Luca from Cherry Class for winning the prize for best dressed ‘ghost buster’!

We hope you enjoy the rest, have a lovely half term.

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Long, long ago…

This week marks the start of our new theme all about castles. We have spent the week looking at books and finding out about Castles. We read a book called ‘In the Castle’ by Anna Milbourne and Benji Davies which gave us lots of information about what life would have been like in a castle. Later in the week we looked at many examples of castles including Disney castles and real castles. This showed us the different parts and we talked about features such as dungeons and turrets.

In Literacy the children have been playing a phonic game called cross the river. The aim is to blend the sounds in a word before the crocodile gets you. Some of the children also had a go at segmenting the sounds to make a word. In our independent activity we had to listen for the first sound in words and see if we could find the letter to match.

Emily in Rose Class decided to continue exploring initial sounds in Let’s Learn using the magnetic letters.

We have carried on with number and shape in maths this week. We have been trying really hard to accurately count Numicon and find the numeral to match.

Let’s Learn has been all things castles! The role play has even magically turned into a castle with a grand banquet inside. Some of the children have made fantastic servants!!

During Forest School we have been thinking about the cleanliness of our environment. We went along the nature trail and found over 25 pieces of rubbish!! we then sorted the rubbish to make sure we knew what could be recycled in our blue bins, what needed to go to landfill in our black bins, what was garden waste and what we might be able to take to the charity shop. We then went around the rest of the school grounds to clean it up a bit!

You may have noticed that the Outside Classroom has had a mini makeover. The children have absolutely loved the new mud lab and enjoyed using the new equipment.

We look forward to seeing you next week for the Parent’s Evenings. If you can, turn up a few minutes earlier so you can have a look through your child’s books.

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Here We Go Part 2

We hope you had a lovely long weekend!

This week we have continued our theme of ‘Here We Go’, looking at different types of transport. We started the week by finding a mess in the classroom. It turns out Naughty Bus had been up to no good! We then read the book ‘Naughty Bus’ by Jan and Jerry Oke. The children loved the story and saw all of Naughty Bus’ adventures. Then we had to use our imaginations to think about where our Naughty Bus would go, or what it would do. Jensen’s bus went to Africa and saw a giraffe.

In maths, we have continued to look at shapes. But this week, focussing on exploring 3D shapes. The children have learnt that 3D shapes have faces and have been finding out the shapes of these faces by pressing them into playdoh.

During ‘Let’s Learn’ we have been making road signs and thinking about what they might mean and drawing maps. Jasmine’s map took you to Italy, Spain, England and many more countries too!

We absolutely loved Forest School this week. We went down to the garden and tended to the flower beds but also did a bug hunt! We found, worms, woodlice, an earwig, a millipede, a centipede, spiders and ants!

Parent’s evening is going to be taking place on 17th and 19th October. The sign up sheets will go out Monday evening.

We hope you have a fun-filled weekend!

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